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Enjoy unlimited access for a week. If you decide you love it, you can purchase the Vibrations Album and you’ll have unlimited access to the album until the end of the internet. Plus, you’ll receive a credit towards the purchase of Vibrations so your trial isn’t wasted money.

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Check out our entire Vibrations—Surf Music album for a week. We hope you like it!

There are 11 tracks in each Band Together album
Genres- An in-depth look at the genre/era/style featured that month, including its history, artists, and music.
Backstage- Our original interview with a significant band or artist from the genre.

Tools of the Trade- The history and creation of the particular musical instruments associated with the genre.
That’s What it’s All About- Our original animated series explains foundational music theory concepts in a fun, engaging way.
Family Circle- Our interview with a musical family.

Grooves- Encouragement for families to help children discover and appreciate music.
Soul Food Café- Our original take on a classic hymn or gospel song, plus accompanying devotional.

Music Workshop- The Music Workshop features a project, experiment, or activity the family can do together to create something musical.
Conversations- An inspirational video or audio podcast offering encouragement and insight to parents on creative approaches to teaching and fostering music in the home.
Grooves- Encouragement for families to help children discover their favorite music by starting a digital or vinyl music collection of their very own. Curated monthly album recommendations based on the current genre and tips for searching out and acquiring vinyl records.
Liner Notes- Recommended listening, playlists, places to visit/ museums, upcoming festivals and concerts.

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