Album Two: Going for Baroque


This is the second album in the Band Together collection. Once you’ve purchased it, you’ll have unlimited access forever! But you can’t buy it unless you already own Vibrations so if you haven’t already, head over and check that one out.

You can only buy this album if you've already bought Album One: Vibrations. We're not being stingy, the lessons in Going for Baroque build upon the things we learned in the Vibrations go check that one out first!

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The second album in the Band Together collection. Going for Baroque is packed with inspiration, education, and encouragement to keep the family band truckin’!

There are 11 tracks in each Band Together album
Genres- An in-depth look at the genre/era/style featured that month, including its history, artists, and music.
Backstage- Our original interview with a significant band or artist from the genre.

Tools of the Trade- The history and creation of the particular musical instruments associated with the genre.
That’s What it’s All About- Our original animated series explains foundational music theory concepts in a fun, engaging way.
Family Circle- Our interview with a musical family.

Grooves- Encouragement for families to help children discover and appreciate music.
Soul Food Café- Our original take on a classic hymn or gospel song, plus accompanying devotional.

Music Workshop- The Music Workshop features a project, experiment, or activity the family can do together to create something musical.
Conversations- An inspirational video or audio podcast offering encouragement and insight to parents on creative approaches to teaching and fostering music in the home.
Grooves- Encouragement for families to help children discover their favorite music by starting a digital or vinyl music collection of their very own. Curated monthly album recommendations based on the current genre and tips for searching out and acquiring vinyl records.
Liner Notes- Recommended listening, playlists, places to visit/ museums, upcoming festivals and concerts.

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