Band Together X Kinzie+Riehm X Skoog

Mar 20, 2018instagram giveaway, Skoog

We recently discovered a neat device that is intended to make playing music accessible to just about anyone, regardless of ability or disability. That device is called Skoog. It can be paired to your computer or tablet via Bluetooth and used along side the Skoog Music app or a Digital Audio Workstation like GarageBand. It’s a really fun way to explore music for anyone, but is particularly amazing if playing a traditional instrument isn’t in the cards. The Skoog is squishy, wireless, and can be pushed, shaken, squeezed, or poked to make music!

We teamed up with our friends @kinzieriehm for an instagram giveaway and the winner will soon be the new owner of a Skoog and will be exploring music with their Band Together membership for the next year. We had a blast chatting back and forth on instagram with so many great folks during the contest and we thank everyone that participated. We also give our thanks to the fine folks at Skoog for their mission to make music accessible and for not only the prize for our giveaway, but also for their generous gift of a Skoog to the Montessori school that our friends @kinzieriehm’s children attend.

The folks at Skoog Music also loaned a Skoog to the team here at Band Together. Take a look at the video and if YouTube is your kind of thing, subscribe to our channel so you can follow along as we review, demo, and explore music!

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